Street Law (Uganda) is a member of the global family of Street Law organisations found in over 30 countries of South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa respectively. Uganda is one of the only six countries in Africa that have national Street Law organisations. Though there is no binding legal relationship among the organisations, all organisations share common objectives of educating ordinary people about the law, democracy and human rights. Street Law is further about educating young people about the principles of fairness, justice, authority and responsibility that form the basis of a country’s legal system. The organisations aim at educating the citizens of the different countries how the law can work for them.

Street Law (Uganda) is a non-profit making organization established in Uganda in 2000. The organization is registered in Uganda as a Company Limited by guarantee. Since its establishment in 2000, the organization has been engaged in among other projects human rights education at national and local levels. At local levels Street Law (U) has conducted numerous district education programmes for political and civic leaders, law enforcement organisations, NGOs and educational institutions. In 2012, the Street Law (U) organistion facilitated the formation of 5 district human rights committees in Mukono, Wakiso, Mpigi, Luwero and Kayunga. The human rights education of the programme has produced a number of publications as reading materials and training manuals. Its latest addition on the list of its programmes is legal aid for indigent pro-democracy activists and victims of political repression. Since the inception of the legal aid program, more than 2,000 activists in over the last four years have benefitted from the scheme. The organization has In addition been involved in strategic litigation as well as advocacy for policy and legal reforms; the most recent being its engagement with the Public Order Management Law and advocacy against abolishment of bail for selected offences.