This Strategic Plan, the first ever Street Law (Uganda) has developed since its inception in 1993 is a landmark achievement. It marks an era in which Street Law (Uganda) is ushering itself into the future, formidable enough to counter and overcome the challenges in the ever changing social, political and economic contexts. Suffice it to say, all indicators are that Uganda is undergoing a transition in the political space at the helm of political power.

It is also evident that elections are underway. The well-conceived ideas around defending human rights within the context of the rule of law, democracy and good governance pose serious challenges in filling certain gaps in the sphere of access to justice. These factors altogether challenge SLU to prepare itself to dynamically make a meaningful contribution in the access to justice realm for the victims of political and economic repression.

While Street Law programmes as implemented by law students of Georgetown University were about to providing legal aid to juveniles and introducing high school students to law related education prudent that Street Law programmes in Uganda aspire to meet the needs of Ugandans in their aspirations for the rule of law, democracy and human rights for all strata of our society. I hereby commend the efforts of all who have contributed to this great achievement for Street Law (U) acknowledge in a special way the contribution of my fellow members of the Board of Directors, former and current staff of SLU, beneficiaries and for associates.

Special gratitude goes to Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA) who have financially supported SLU during its time of greatest need, Special gratitude goes to the Executive Director Street Law Uganda for steering the organization and especially the Strategic Planning process and Henry Muguzi, the Consultant for rendering his technical expertise. I now take this opportunity more confident than ever to invite you for your support towards making the implementation of this strategic plan a reality.

Gilbert Nuwagaba

Chairman Board of Directors.